Spring 2016 Recruitment Week

Wednesday, January 20th – General Interest Meeting (Academic Achievement)
Time: 8:00 PM

With the highest fraternity GPA in the Multicultural Greek Council two consecutive semesters in a row (Fall 2014 and Spring 2015), our brothers do not slack when it comes to academics. Our first pillar is something that we take very seriously, and it is something that has helped all brothers of Pi Delta Psi. Come learn more about our fraternity at our first general interest meeting! Business casual is required.

Thursday, January 21st – Business/Etiquette Workshop (Cultural Awareness)
6:00 PM

What differentiates our fraternity from others is our emphasis on diversity and cultural understanding. With brothers in our chapter from a wide range of ethnicities, we can truly say that we are dedicated to our second pillar. Come to our second event of rush week to learn general business etiquette as well as how those in Asian countries conduct business. Business casual is required.

Friday, January 22nd – Karaoke 
9:00 PM

Let loose with the brothers as we take a break from the business and have a night of karaoke! Give us your best impersonation of Fetty or get in your feels with Drake, we’ll be singing all night long! Free snacks and drinks will be provided.

Saturday, January 23rd – Copeland Park Cleanup + Lunch with Bros (Righteousness)
9:00 AM

Pi Delta Psi is committed to our local community, and it is a requirement of all our Brothers. Come learn more about what it means to be our third pillar and enjoy lunch afterwards on us. Wear comfortable clothing!

Tuesday, January 26th – Game Night
8:00 PM

Get to know our brothers over a few games of Apples to Apples, Jenga, Blackjack, or whatever you prefer! As always, snacks and drinks will be provided.

Thursday, January 28th – General Interest Meeting
8:00 PM

This will be our second general interest meeting if you missed our first. Like the first, business casual is required.

Friday, January 29th – BBQ with Bros (Friendship/Loyalty)
4:00 PM

Enjoy some delicious BBQ while learning more about our fourth pillar. Learn more about what brotherhood means to us and why it is at the core of Pi Delta Psi. Contact Devin or David for rides.

Saturday, January 30th – Bonfire with Bros [Closed Event]
Invite only.

It’s lit! Come relax at our final event of rush week where you will have the chance to meet Chi Chapter alumni. Learn more about their success since graduating and what Pi Delta Psi has done for them. Invite only.



What is Recruitment?

Recruitment is a series of free events held at the beginning of the semester by Fraternal organizations. During rush, prospective members are given an opportunity to meet and interact with Brothers of the Fraternity. This gives prospective members a glimpse into Fraternity life.

Do I have to be Asian?

No. You do not have to be Asian to be a part of our Fraternity. Although our focus is on Asian and Asian American issues, we accept students from all aspects of life, no matter their background. Nationwide, Pi Delta Psi consists of Brothers from all walks of life.

Why Pi Delta Psi?

At the University of South Florida , Pi Delta Psi is the first and only Asian American Cultural Fraternity in the entire State of Florida . Our organization prides itself on striving toward excellence in every aspect of human endeavor. Many organizations may focus on one facet of the college experience. For example, there are organizations that focus primarily on community service and others on socializing. What sets Pi Delta Psi apart from any other organization is our commitment to 4 pillars that are essential to the college experience. Through our Fraternity, you can become part of a Brotherhood that commits itself to Academic Achievement, Cultural Awareness, Righteousness, and Friendship/Loyalty throughout your college experience Not only do we claim this commitment, we act upon it. Take a look at our Gallery and Recognition page on this web site; through these sections, you can see the dedication of our Brothers to the USF Community. Most importantly, these men will help make your college experience memorable. Brotherhood is Eternal.


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