Eta Class


Fall 2011

 eta-31 Name: Bob James Cal
Line Name: illest
Class in school: Junior
Major: Public Health
Hometown: Brandon, Florida
Ethnicity: Filipino/Chinese/Spanish
Favorite quote: “You gotta feel the lowest lows to get the highest highs” -Wax
Favorite PDPsi memory: Scary Movie Night with the bros
Hidden talents: I can sleep anywhere.
Name: Joey Frye
Line Name: Jetpack
Class in school: Junior
Major: Computer Science/Physics
Hometown: Bradenton, Florida
Ethnicity: Korean/White
Favorite quote: “I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road. ” – Stephen King
Favorite PDPsi memory: Ohio Convention X Roadtrip
Hidden talents: Beast COD player
Name: Vinh Nguyen
Line Name: A.B.S.I.N.T.H.E.
Class in school: Freshman
Major: Pre-Nursing
Hometown: Largo, Florida
Ethnicity: Vietnamese
Favorite quote: You can learn something new everyday.
Favorite PDPsi memory: buttons
Hidden talents: If I told you, they wouldn’t be hidden.
 eta-34 Name: Tim Roberts
Line Name: Brigade
Class in school: Junior
Major: International Business/Marketing
Hometown: Panama City, Florida
Ethnicity: German/Ghanainan/Irish/Sioux Indian/Swiss
Favorite quote: “I don’t want to be a person with full hands, resting from dreams. But a person full of dreams, unable to rest his hands.”
Favorite PDPsi memory: Ohio Convention X roadtrip
Hidden talents: I can make some pretty mean Onigiri

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